Ben Slims and Johnson creampie threesome (Dahlia’s double vag day, Part 2)

(Part 2) Dahlia’s double vag day 720p
(Part 2) Dahlia’s double vag day 540p
We start off moments after the first part of Dahlia’s double vag day, with Ben “Slims” Slavinsky still naked, and having a piss. Dahlia looks him up and down with the camera, which I LOVE. Then they walk out as Eddie is still getting dressed and promising to come back to do more soon. Then finally sexy HUNG fat cocked Johnson comes in, according to my cam guy and Dahlia, he ran late and they started without him. Which is why we have part one and two. So Ben still horny and wanting his turn to orgasm, helps with the cam for a bit as Johnson gets his dick wet, literally, because Dahlia was still full of Eddie’s load and her own wetness! Dirty sloppy seconds. Because of all of that wetness she was able to take Slims and Johnson for DV much more easily than the attempt in part one. We have some really serious, intense long DV here, mmmm i’m loving part 2! Ben Slims even goes in for some anal but that doesnt last too long, you will see why if you watch. So after a short clean up break, Dahlia licks and sucks on Johnson’s toes before getting back up on his still rock hard cock for a ride. He pounds her and pounds her until he shoots her full of his thick hot white load. Ben isn’t left out though, he loves going inside of Dahlia’s sore, beat up cumfilled pussy. She loves that he loves it, even kisses him passionately as he fills her pussy up with his load for the finale of this sexy day of fucking.Enjoy! I think I liked part two even more than part one! Thanks for supporting the site. Buy Now 720p HD
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Quickfire audition with Ozzy Norris

Ozzy Norris’ quickfire audition (720p)
Ozzy Norris’ quickfire audition (540p)
You guys liked seeing our quickie auditions. We have another cute short guy in glasses today. Another fetish of mine! I guess Dahlia’s too. Ozzy comes in, pretty sure he never gets his pants, shoes or socks off, before Dahlia jumps on him like a lion in the safari. It’s those short cute ones, It brings it out in us. haha. Well, he’s rock hard quick and cums almost just as quickly. Leaving Dahlia with a cute smile knowing that it is all her doing!Enjoy! And thanks for supporting the site.

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London Jacobs gets femdom’d by Ashtion (Part 2)

London Jacobs gets femdom’d by Ashtion (Part 2) 720p
London Jacobs gets femdom’d by Ashtion (Part 2) 540p
In part two sexy London gets the reward of fucking Ashtion, but not without a little forced bi dick sucking of her punk rocker bf, Sin. I’ve had the pleasure of Sin’s uncut 9 inch cock and it is a very nice thing to suck! This video is just hot, with tatted London’s muscles just rippling and he has no problems getting himself to cum while sucking Ashtion’s pussy juice off of Sin’s cock. Then for a special bonus, Ashtion holds London’s face near hers as Sin unloads a mega cumshot on both of their faces. London struggles to pull away a bit, but Ashtion holds him tight and make him take a few ropes to the dome. Hahaha. Love it, hope you do too! Why can’t I find more guys to do this with me!? Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site Buy Now 720p HD
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Ben Slims and Eddie Threesome with Dahlia Deviant (Dahlia’s Double Vag Day, Part 1)

Dahlia’s Double Vag day (Part 1) 720p
Dahlia’s Double Vag day (Part 1) 540p

Ben Slavinsky and Eddie come in to give Dahlia her first DV in awhile, and by her squeals and screams you can tell she’s very happy about it. Eddie’s cock is really thick so it was hard work for Ben to get in and stay in, but he managed a couple of hot quickie DV attempts, plus we get to see sexy pics of his tight little bottom and balls as he presses against Eddie’s cock and slips into Dahlia’s full snatch. Dahlia’s pussy squeezes Ben out, but she’s having too much fun to stop and she rides a thick creampie out of Eddie.Enjoy and keep an eye out for part 2. Thanks for supporting the site

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London Jacobs gets femdom’d by Ashtion

London Jacobs gets femdom’d by Ashtion (720p) HD
London Jacobs gets femdom’d by Ashtion (540p)

You guys have been asking and emailing us to do a femdom scene. Well today we have a great GREAT one! Just to be clear, this is not a male/female sex video this is pure femdom fetish with some aggressive explicit pegging.With London Jacobs and special guest star Ashtion. A young MILF with 3 kids, she’s alot strong than London realized when he said he wanted to be dominated, he thought she’d come in all sweet, but no, she manhandled him, picking him up by his neck with a choke collar, hog tying him, whipping him with a cat ‘o 9 tails. First I giggled, because you can tell from London’s face he was not expecting this, he quickly became Ashtion’s bitch. You really can tell when he’s screaming as she deflowers his virgin straight boy ass. His screams of pain got me wet :) and his cute hairy tight hole was nice to watch too! She has no mercy on him, at one point he screams pineapple (the safeword). If you only knew what it took to make him say that, he talked alot of shit about that he would die before he’d scream the safe word, since he’s an ex marine and all that. hahaha. He only breaks for a moment though, and then, she fucks him with a dildo for awhile until he says he’ll never disobey again. Even better, after the scene is over and he thinks that my cam guy has said cut. Video keeps rolling and you see him smiling up at her thoroughly broken and in shock! After we cut he says, he would do whatever she wanted, because she was tougher than any drill sergeant he ever had! I LOVE this scene, and thank you to the tumblr fans that suggested it. If you guys liked it, maybe we will do more in the future. Thanks for supporting the site, and keep an eye out for part 2, when he does something else new, and it isn’t roleplay this time.

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Johnny Blue’s quickie creampie audition

Johnny Blue’s quickie creampie audition (720p)
Johnny Blue’s quickie creampie audition (540p)

Pretty blue eyes, young with just a little big of babyfat on him. :) We have another mechanic auditioning today. Johnny Blue, 21, and horny came in and Dahlia immediately was on him with his cute face and smile. She cracks up when she goes to pull down his pants and sees his scarface boxers! Cock was a gangter for sure, already was hard under those boxers and Dahlia goes right in for it. Johnny takes his turn going down on her before pumping her missionary, then letting her get on top. He’s enjoying it so much you see his hands flailing as he blows a nice thick creampie inside of her as she grinds it out of him. Love finding cuties like this. Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site

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Johnny McLongcock meets his match with Rose Blume

Johnny McLongcock meets his match with Rose Blume (720p)
Johnny McLongcock meets his match with Rose Blume (540p)

One of my big favorites of 2014 was Johnny McLongcock and I wanted to see what he would do with Rose Blume. And so did she! She came in nice, horny and lactating! McLongcock is a pleaser, and Rose took no mercy on him. He he was the dominant one, he found out quickly that he was Rose’s sexbitchboytoy lol. She make him give her lots of his oral, making him work that pussy till it was dripping. She even make him pump her breast milk at one point. Classic! Then they fuck some and she’s creaming all over him. His cock was so wet, the cam guy thought that he’d creampied her! Rose still wouldn’t let him stop. She makes him play with her tits and squirt milk even though he was a little afraid of it. He tells how his sister traumatized him chasing him around squirting him with milk. lol. Rose proceeded to do the same and squirts lots of milk all over his dick and then she licks it off. After that little break. They fuck, and they fuck, and they fuck some more finally after more than after 40 minutes, she allows him to cum, filling her up with a nice bubbly creampie. OMG looking at him after being used, he looks like he’s about to pass out. Rose, however, is smiling, and both of them are sweaty because they REALLY got into each other. mmmmI’m sure I’ve left out something but wow. a great great video. Plus, it has plenty of the hanging out action that has been requested by some of the fans.Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site!

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Andy’s Quickfire Audition

Andy’s Quickfire Audition (720p)
Andy’s Quickfire Audition (540p)

We’ve been asked what in true #realityporn here you go, an audition that did not go as planned. :) Sexy Andy, a rough neck blue collar guy off the oil rigs, with a hot ass and decent dick came in to audition with Rose Blume. He did everything he needed to do to get a creampie scene, but turns out it had been just too long since his last sexual encounter. Rose’s oral skills were too much for him. You see him jump in shock as he orgasms partly into her mouth after just over a minute! Ok, that in itself is not a fail, it happens, but it is only ok if you are able to go multiple times. Poor Andy was worn out.

A cute scene though, short and sweet. Plus it is a fetish of mine to make guys orgasm almost against their will like Rose did here. Especially the ones who talk about how great they will be in porn ;) So I still got off to this one, I just had to replay it on loop a couple times. Haha. Enjoy! Thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki

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Jizzy and Leo Cruz bang Dahlia

Jizzy and Leo Cruz bang Dahlia (720p)
Jizzy and Leo Cruz bang Dahlia (540p)
Jizzy is back and with him his buddy Leo Cruz to try and give Dahlia some DV action. Beefy Leo, wasn’t too shy at all about sharing Dahlia’s nice tightness with his buddy. They try DV in a couple positions, before just going for it one at a time. Hunky Leo liked to take his time, pounding it and working up a sweat. Some very sexy shots of his beefy butt moving up at down as he pumps and pumps his load deep inside of Dahlia.

Enjoy, I think I want to call up Leo for a taste myself! Thanks for supporting the site

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Thor Johnson and Bearcat Double Team

Thor Johnson and Bearcat Double Team (720p)
Thor Johnson and Bearcat Double Team (540p)

Wow, ok this megalength 45 minute video has so many of my different fetishes that I’m not even sure how to do my summary today!
We have some hot manhole closeups, we have a sexy really hairy tatted very nervous cub, auditioning named, Bearcat. We have the fat dick mega uncut ginger, Thor Johnson. DUALINGUS. Have some nice male bonding as they stroke side by side and they DOUBLE TOE FUCK Dahlia with their sexy male feet. I think this is the first DP with toes ever on the site. Mmmm yummy, then we have some side by side masturbation with bearcat on one bed and Dahlia on the other both of them watching each other, then when he gets close he blows his load all over her pussy, Thor then goes in, gets Bearcat’s cum and uses it for lube, while Bearcat feeds some of it to Dahlia as Thor fucks her. Looks like he even has a taste his own cum for himself! Thor then fills her up full, the scene goes on so long that one of the camera’s batteries goes dead, but we still get him pumping his big load inside Dahlia, so we didnt miss anything. I’ve probably left something out there was so much in this video! Enjoy Thor’s return, I know I enjoyed watching it. Thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki

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