Jackson and Ozzy Norris creampie Dahlia Deviant

Jackson and Ozzy Norris creampie Dahlia Deviant (720p) 
Jackson and Ozzy Norris creampie Dahlia Deviant (540p)

Both guys were auditioned by Dahlia in earlier videos and now they are back to give her a nice double creampie. Sexy, tanned Jackson with a 6 pack, and cute pale baby faced Ozzy, the sexy chub, take turns banging her and even give her a little big of DV before both creaming her pussy. Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site! <3 Jacki

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Tony and Jason creampie Dahlia and Rose

Tony and Jason creampie Dahlia and Rose (720p)
Tony and Jason creampie Dahlia and Rose (540p)

Lost scene from the vault… We had a side by side sex scene planned for two buddies with Dahlia and Rose. Well Jason was stuck at work, so for the beginning, sexy Tony gets to work on two ladies at once. It is funny his reaction, like a kid in a candy store with too many options. Luckily, Jason shows up after awhile and Tony creampies Rose then Jason creampies Dahlia, who is blonde in this old throw back clip! Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site!

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(Audition) Mike Black quickie creampies Dahlia


(Audition) Mike Black creampies Dahlia (720p)
(Audition) Mike Black creampies Dahlia (540p)
Sexy Mike Black, came in and Dahlia immediately put him in a thong because she wanted to take some extra time getting promo photos with him. Haha. She likes making the men feel like boytoy meat too sometimes!l Mike has a nice ass and some sexy body hair, he can’t hold back and they start making out before Dahlia has the chance to do her intro. Pretty hot! From the noises she makes, she loves his oral and finger work. Then she takes her turn sucking on him, before taking his cock nice and deep until he quickly fills her full. Enjoy another new recruit that I think will be invited back for sure! Thanks for supporting the site

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Bruno Stone Creampies Rose Blume

Bruno Stone creampies Rose Blume (720p)
Bruno Stone creampies Rose Blume (540p)
I would have named this next guy GREYHOUND, because he is lean slim and really just all muscle and no body fat AT ALL. An MMA fighter slimming down for his next round of fights, Rose Blume brought in Bruno Stone, to audition today. One place he is not skinny though, his fat long cock and big nice set of dangly balls! You see them as he undresses, he’s not shy and really shows off for the camera. You can see all of his muscles.

It’s funny when he goes to put his cock in, it really take a minute for him to put it in there, it just doesn’t fit, big things do come in small packages. Haha! He brags about that he is long lasting and from what we can see that has to be true, Rose lets him know that she can only hand so much of a cock like that, and that no anal is going to be happening. I love the fun chat they have back and forth, reality sex that I like to watch :) To wrap things up, Bruno, strokes himself to get closer as Rose masturbates for him, then he puts his huge dick in here and pumps her full. A nice long shot of him playing with her pussy lips and showing off the cum, you really can see that her pussy has been used by his surprisingly mega hung rod! I wouldnt mind trying this one out too! Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki

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Thor Gets Sloppy

Thor gets sloppy seconds (720p)
Thor gets sloppy seconds (540p)
End of a long day with Thor helping to film, Dahlia with a sore pussy. Thor uses his trademark massage and sweet talk technique to get into Dahlia’s cum filled, all day used pussy. He took his time on her feet,and worked his way up. Before eating her full flavored pussy with multiple cumloads in it, not just including her own. He promises her he’ll take it easy when she’s scared of how it will do. But it slides right in, not like the first time they did it. And he pounds and talks dirty to her until he fills her full with her last cumshot for the trip. Enjoy this fly on the wall, unplanned creampie. I know I think it was even hotter than the first one! <3 Jacki

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Vanessa Stark’s Double creampie audition

Vanessa Stark’s Double creampie audition (720p)
Vanessa Stark’s Double creampie audition (540p)
More auditions!!!! We’ve been having some good luck! Today it is Saxon(That is what i’m calling him!!! It was something long!) and Vanessa Stark This pair is a couple, and it is a very auditiony audition lol. They are all over the place but it is cute and sexy, I felt like I was watching thru a window, all pervy. The first cumshot Saxon doesn’t even show off, but luckily my cam guy and Dahlia as cam girl were able to catch the nice juicy ooze. :) I do like a guy that can fuck and keep going, but he must not have watched as much porn as I have, because he really had to be directed to show that cum off. Haha, I don’t ever remember being that fresh and innocent. :)They keep going, I’m loving watching Vanessa as you see she keeps working her clit and fingering her pussy. I mean he did cum pretty quick on that first shot, so she’s just keeping it real, and taking care of business. haha The sexy stuff is, she slides her two fingers in her pussy, and uses his cum for lube on her clit! There was a lot of wetness between her hornyness and his cum so you really see her fingers get a good glaze! Hot! Made me want to dig my strapon out of the drawer and come “interview” her myself! Saxon is a good one to blow and go though, he is quickly ready to hit her from the back and he fills her up again. This time she almost forgets that we like to see that creamy spread shot before we cut lol. But we get it and it is a good one. Also she has some nice pussy hair, I know from the fan mails that you guys like to see that sometimes. So here you go! Also, she takes her turn hosting the Jackilove.com piss cam and we get a good shot of our hippie stud, pissing at the end. Enjoy our newbies! I know I did. And thanks for supporting the site.

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Gangbang fail #1 (No cumshots)

Gangbang fail #1 (No cumshots) 720p
Gangbang fail #1 (No cumshots)


I mentioned in a blog post about how sometimes we have group FAILS. Alot of you wanted to see them so we pulled this out of the vault.
Dahlia setup a huge group, of 6 guys all friends, but after 4 or 5 hours of waiting only 3 of them showed up. It was pretty fun you can see they had lots of laughs and then there was even some good sex with two of them. One accidentally touches his friend’s cock, his reaction was pretty funny too. But one guy cums prematurely, (he says he didnt, but later you see his friend’s dick is cum covered when he there is a close up of him inside of Dahlia’s ass. Then you have the cute slightly chubby friend, who seems to be more interested in staring at his friends then sex with Dahlia. I wish I was there, I think I could have found some things to entertain him! :) A little forced bi might have perked him up a bit. He did give it a good try though, and he was drafted into doing some 2nd cam holding too! Enjoy one of our “failed” scenes, no cumshots, but a couple of nice hot hung guys and lots of comedy. You get to see how we girls feel when we get all turned on with no finish lol. Thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki

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Ace’s quickie creampie audition

Ace’s quickie creampie audition (720p)
Ace’s quickie creampie audition (540p)
19 year old Ace, with his cute slim body and sexy boyish face came in for his audition. He was very cocky and very confident. Well you know what they say about pride, lol. He skips oral and goes straight for the sex, I think the cam guy called this one, he tried to get him to put some oral in there. Ace didn’t and a couple minutes later, it is all creamy and gooey inside Dahlia. Looks like she loved every minute of it though 😉 Poor Ace, kept apologizing for coming quickly, but really Dahlia was happy and these near virginal audition scenes turn me on too :) You guys know I like the fresh ones as much as the experienced ones, sometimes 😀 Enjoy, and thanks for supporting the site.

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Dahlia auditions The Leprechaun

Dahlia auditions The Leprechaun (720p)
Dahlia auditions The Leprechaun (540p)
Sexy cutie, The Leprechaun, is our audition for today, cute furry chest and furry tight little butt! Full of energy and all about pleasing, he reminds me of an older version of one of my early favorites, Joe Crush! Rock hard when his pants come off and already leaking precum, he was ready for business! He gives Dahlia a nice quickie creampie then jerks her off, because he loves to serve and please! I know I want to meet this one :) Thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki

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Harvey initiates Rogue

Harvey initiates Rogue (720p)
Harvey initiates Rogue (540p)
Big dick hung Harvey came in, specifically requested by Dahlia and the cam guy, because Rogue, said she only wanted to go BIG for her initiation. Her and Harvey hit it off instantly! They were fooling around and talking smack. Giving each other slaps and pushing and pulling each other around. Eventually has to admit that Harvey has more dick than she can handle, ALMOST, but she loves a challenge and loves her pussy beat up, that is a direct quote, lol. She even high fives, Dahlia who’s manning one of the cameras, saying yes Harvey’s dick was everything they’d talked about! Of course, she is new and over eager, when Harvey gets the go ahead to blow his load, she takes it in her mouth, and swallows almost all of it without showing it to us. Only part we see is the initial spurt that landed on her leg before she got her super suction lips on his cock. Then even after they are done, before we can sign off, she’s sucking his still sensitive cock again, against his will, lol, he pushes her off and then she waves goodbye. Love the energy here, she reminds me of me! Thanks for supporting the site

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