The fucklicking incident

The Fucklicking Incident (1080P)
The Fucklicking Incident (540P)

Wow, this is accidentally even hotter than intended!!! Don’t read this description if you don’t want to know what the incident was before you watch the scene because “spoiler alert”Today we have two new guys, Jay and Ron Ryder. They don’t know each other, but Ron came into the room confident and chill and naturally assumed the Alpha roll. Nervous Jay, who is a “pleaser” fell right into the sub/cuckhold roll. None of this was planned ahead of time.after both guys eat Dahlia’s pussy. Jay, who is very good at it, according to Dahlia is ordered to fucklick her pussy while Ron Ryder fucks her doggy style. Dahlia’s moans of enjoyment are loud and clear. Then she feels Ron Ryder’s load shooting into her, and when the first spurt of his load drips into Jay’s mouth, he being trapped by her thighs can not escape, and tries to wipe it on her leg my moving his face. She feels it, and laughs evilily, and calls him out on it. He promptly apologizes and then goes BACK TO EATING her cum filled dripping snatch! Mmm, that made the movie for me right there, I need a well trained man like this! Then there’s more, as Ron pulls out, there is an even bigger gush of his cum, and Dahlia’s orgasming pussy juices that dumps all into Jay’s face. To top it off, Ron pulls out and slaps Jay in the face with his wet cumcovered dick. Love it when it gets kinky! Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki







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