Jacki Love Pegs Kyle Beefcake

Jacki Love Pegs Kyle Beefcake (1080p) Jacki Love Pegs Kyle Beefcake (540p)

Sexy Kyle Beefcake is back.   After we shot last time, he mentioned that he’d do anything I wanted to get some more of my hot stuff.  Well, you know me, I said ANYTHING?  He said yes.   So this time he’s back and and I bring out the butt plugs.   There is nothing I like better than eating and breaking open a nice virgin manhole.  It’s even more fun when they are blushing and nervous.  I guess that is my evil streak. Haha.   He never said no or chickened out though, he took it like the iron built stud that he is.  At one point he does go, “i’ll never ask a girl for anal again”, but he recovers quickly and his rock hard cock says that he enjoys it.  He even pounds my pussy while it is still inside him and fills me up with a huge creamy load.   So fun!

Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site.  Loveya, Jacki

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