Lance Ryder’s creampie audition

Lance Ryder’s creampie audition (1080p) Lance Ryder’s creampie audition (540p)

Big hung, brown southern daddy, Lance Ryder is today’s audition.    Sexy firm ass on him from lots of working outside, nice tongue action because he is a stud that knows how to lick the pussy.  Plus he’s not  shy at all about performing on camera.   He had to work to get his big fat dick inside me and once he did, he pounded me nice and deep.  I wasn’t even ready for that much dick, so early in the morning.  Haha.   Not many dicks make me need a warm up stretch but his is one or sure.  I’ll have to do a threesome or something to warm up my pussy for him next time!   But oooh it hurt so good, I was dripping!  I’m not a pain slut, but I guess when it is the right big dick, i enjoy feeling my pussy beat up and stretched!

I ride him for awhile, then we do some more midsex oral, and some 69, I liked the taste of my juices on his cock.  At some point he had me so turned on he got a buttplug in my ass and then fucked my pussy giving you guys some DP action, then he gives me a nice deep creampie, and you know I’m inviting him back!

Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site.  Loveya, Jacki

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