Jacki Love pegs Jim Johnson

Jacki Love pegs Jim Johnson (1080p) Jacki Love pegs Jim Johnson (540p)

Winter is here and Jim Johnson, my newest recruit comes in with his cold hands!    Made my vagina tingle!  We start off with him warming  me up with his hot tongue, he was a nibbler too, which I love when done right, and he did it RIGHT!    He ate me in a couple positions, the one when he was on his back and i’m sitting on his face gave a nice view of his hair chest and sexy cock.  Then, I get out the glass butt plugs, thinking i’m going to have some fun with myself, and his sexy voice goes, why not both!?   Well you know I never turn down the chance to break in a man’s lovehole!   He’s rock hard, so he enjoyed it as much as I did.   My cam guy warns me, that Jim is getting excited, but I was so in the zone, I didn’t notice until he blew his big load.   Luckily he, gets hard quickly after being made to cum, so we do some 69, and then he gives me a nice hard fuck in between me pegging him some more, and enjoying his hairy manhole.   After getting me off a couple more times, he taps out, because his balls are completely drained.  

So fun and kinda random!    Love the fun auditions like this.   Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site.  Loveya, Jacki

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