Nearly a foot of cock scares Noelle

Nearly a foot of cock scares Noelle

Sexy HUGE ASS muthafucking dick Jordan Tatts comes in out of nowhere.  Poor (LUCKY!) Noelle.   It is so funny how she says she’s not scared of good rough sex, but then as his  11” cock grows in her hands, she says, “Wow, ok I might get hurt.”   I have to admit, I got a bit wet watching her tense up as he got ready to ram it into her.    Like in my video with Hadley, sometimes, if it is attached to the right guy, a big cock is a sexy challenge to have occasionally.   Definitely not an everyday thing though!!!! LOL!    

Noelle jokingly calls for security as Jordan’s cock reaches its full length.   The cam guy and the security guy are both laughing at her squeals.   He really pounds her not holding back, she cums and squirts on his cock after the first few minutes, but then the fun is over lol, she has him stroke his almost foot long cock while she watches until he shoots a nice fat load on her tits.

Enjoy Noelle, and her meeting the biggest cock she’s ever seen in her life.   I know I did.   

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