Early Morning creampie from Big Dave for Jacki Love

Early morning creampie from Big Dave for Jacki

Sometimes when I’m shooting some scenes and the wifi is down, We have an assistant to do the emails for us to finalize the meets. Well this time, the assistant was up bright and early arranging and my cam guy and I woke up to a text from sexy Dave, telling us he was already in a taxi and on his way. Good thing I like a cutie anytime of day 🙂 I start off by sucking him hard, and then I lay back to let him finish waking me up with some good-morning pussy licking. Then he moves up and I kiss him to taste my wet pussy on his lips while he fucks me missionary. After I’m nice and fully awake I get him on his back and ride the cum out of him and me. Some nice foot shots slipped in to this one 🙂 Great way to wake up in the morning! Better than coffee. Enjoy! And thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki

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