Buck Dexter creampie auditions with Rose Blume

Buck Dexter creampie auditions with Rose Blume
We had a new guy audition today with Rose, but he wasn’t really new, just chubbier! Cute chubby! It took me a miinute to figure out where I’d seen him before, but he was HotRod Hollister, I’d met him a long time ago! He looks totally different with hair, still has a cute baby face though.

Well he and Rose get right too it, he gives her oral until she starts giggling then she lays on her back and lets him fuck her mouth for awhile while he plays with her big tits, because he’s a tit guy! Then he fucks her in a few positions before filling her full of a nice hot load. The cam guy paces the scene for me since “Buck” was acting a little nervous, and Rose was just wanting dick from this slightly plump young cutiepie. After the cumshot we follow Rose to the bathroom because that load is still running out of her!

Great 2nd Audition by “Buck Dexter aka Hotrod” make sure to check out his first scene where he still had a 6 pack and shaved head too. Both are hot. I think Rose got the bigger creampie though so I’m a little jealous. 😉

Thanks for all the support, hope you are enjoying our year end update marathon! <3 Jacki Buy Now