Sin gets first strapon fuck

Jacki strapon fucks Sin
Been about two years in the making, but my favorite long haired straight rocker finally agreed to give up his ass in exchange for the chance to travel with me and my producer this month. The rules were, unlimited access to your body including your ass. 🙂 He agreed, I was surprised, but HAPPY 🙂 I love busting a virgins hole. He giggled when I rimmed him, and moaned and whimpered when I penetrated him, but notice, he stayed hard! And he came hard with my dick up in his ass. I made sure to fuck him some more after he came, so he would truly feel what was going on without the hornyness. 😉 You could tell that he felt a little dirty and ashamed, but within 5 minutes after the camera stopped rolling he said he’d do it again after his butt stopped hurting in a couple days, Hahahaha.

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