Jacki Love gets filled by Alejandro and Fab (NEW FULL HD ReEncode)

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(CREAMPIE)Jacki Love gets filled by Alejandro and Fab (1080p FULL HD)
Jacki Love gets filled by Alejandro and Fab (540p)
Jacki Love gets filled by Alejandro and Fab (720p)
Wow, soo, I have to sexy ass ripped guys in today!! One has been here before, Alejandro, and the new sexy guy is Fab! Both nicely uncut hung, cute and SEXY. Barely managed to get both cocks in at once, I was trying to get some DV action going it was sexy being surrounded by all that muscle! I think I counted three cumshots with this one. Two from Alejandro and one from Fab. Alejandro refused to give me a dv cream, he was scared to offend Fab by creaming on his dick lol. He’s such a gentleman. Lots of good sex lots of positions. Some great angles and good creampie closeups too! I accidentally give myself a facial when I had some on my hand lol, we left that blooper in for you! Another funny part is at the end of the video. Fab was doing a great job of pounding my g-spot and he creams me just before I get off, watch close as i hold him inside me until I come before I let him pull out 🙂 It was just THAT good!

Enjoy and thanks for all the support that lets me have a great time with all these hot guys!
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