Stryder and Red Phoenix go bi for Jacki Love

Stryder and Red Phoenix go bi for Jacki Love
You know I’ve been wanting some good bi action for awhile! I was so jealous of Rose’s hot scene with the full on bi action. Now here it goes and with not one, but TWO of the site’s male favorites :D. We got the sexy ginger, and the sexy hairy chested Stryder!

The scene starts with me extremely excited, you can tell I’ve been waiting and planning for this for awhile, the poor boys seem to enjoy it though. Sexy Phoenix, is smiling almost the whole time, it is a little awkward fucking a guy, especially his friend for the first time, AND i made them look at each other as I guided, Phoenix’s rock hard ginger cock into Stryder’s tight tasty ass. Even with him pulling his cheeks apart it was a VERY tight fit. I lick Stryder’s ass and suck Phoenix’s cock to help lube it up.

This opened up so many new positions, my cam guy and I had a field day trying new things for you guys. My favorite two were: Stryder fucking me while riding Phoenix’s big uncut cock and Phoenix eating me out while fucking Stryder, in a position I have no idea what it would be called.

So much happens in this video. I suck dick, Stryder sucks dick and we both get fucked by Phoenix.

I made a really big wet spot on the bed, that is just how hot this scene was 🙂 And that was in the first few minutes. The scene ends when Phoenix realizes that he has thoroughly destroyed Stryder’s ass. I had my fun all ready by that point so I sent them home with blue balls 🙂 Evil of me I know. The femdom just sneaks out of me sometimes.

Enjoy and thanks for the support that let me set up my hot ass scene! <3 Jacki Buy Now