Andy’s Quickfire Audition

Andy’s Quickfire Audition (720p)
Andy’s Quickfire Audition (540p)

We’ve been asked what in true #realityporn here you go, an audition that did not go as planned. 🙂 Sexy Andy, a rough neck blue collar guy off the oil rigs, with a hot ass and decent dick came in to audition with Rose Blume. He did everything he needed to do to get a creampie scene, but turns out it had been just too long since his last sexual encounter. Rose’s oral skills were too much for him. You see him jump in shock as he orgasms partly into her mouth after just over a minute! Ok, that in itself is not a fail, it happens, but it is only ok if you are able to go multiple times. Poor Andy was worn out.

A cute scene though, short and sweet. Plus it is a fetish of mine to make guys orgasm almost against their will like Rose did here. Especially the ones who talk about how great they will be in porn 😉 So I still got off to this one, I just had to replay it on loop a couple times. Haha. Enjoy! Thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki

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