Ben Slims and Eddie Threesome with Dahlia Deviant (Dahlia’s Double Vag Day, Part 1)

Dahlia’s Double Vag day (Part 1) 720p
Dahlia’s Double Vag day (Part 1) 540p

Ben Slavinsky and Eddie come in to give Dahlia her first DV in awhile, and by her squeals and screams you can tell she’s very happy about it. Eddie’s cock is really thick so it was hard work for Ben to get in and stay in, but he managed a couple of hot quickie DV attempts, plus we get to see sexy pics of his tight little bottom and balls as he presses against Eddie’s cock and slips into Dahlia’s full snatch. Dahlia’s pussy squeezes Ben out, but she’s having too much fun to stop and she rides a thick creampie out of Eddie.Enjoy and keep an eye out for part 2. Thanks for supporting the site

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