Vanessa Stark’s Double creampie audition

Vanessa Stark’s Double creampie audition (720p)
Vanessa Stark’s Double creampie audition (540p)
More auditions!!!! We’ve been having some good luck! Today it is Saxon(That is what i’m calling him!!! It was something long!) and Vanessa Stark This pair is a couple, and it is a very auditiony audition lol. They are all over the place but it is cute and sexy, I felt like I was watching thru a window, all pervy. The first cumshot Saxon doesn’t even show off, but luckily my cam guy and Dahlia as cam girl were able to catch the nice juicy ooze. 🙂 I do like a guy that can fuck and keep going, but he must not have watched as much porn as I have, because he really had to be directed to show that cum off. Haha, I don’t ever remember being that fresh and innocent. :)They keep going, I’m loving watching Vanessa as you see she keeps working her clit and fingering her pussy. I mean he did cum pretty quick on that first shot, so she’s just keeping it real, and taking care of business. haha The sexy stuff is, she slides her two fingers in her pussy, and uses his cum for lube on her clit! There was a lot of wetness between her hornyness and his cum so you really see her fingers get a good glaze! Hot! Made me want to dig my strapon out of the drawer and come “interview” her myself! Saxon is a good one to blow and go though, he is quickly ready to hit her from the back and he fills her up again. This time she almost forgets that we like to see that creamy spread shot before we cut lol. But we get it and it is a good one. Also she has some nice pussy hair, I know from the fan mails that you guys like to see that sometimes. So here you go! Also, she takes her turn hosting the piss cam and we get a good shot of our hippie stud, pissing at the end. Enjoy our newbies! I know I did. And thanks for supporting the site.

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