Creampies and Footplay with Landon Skye & Guy Racer

Creampies and Footplay with Landon Skye & Guy Racer (1080p)
Creampies and Footplay with Landon Skye & Guy Racer (720p)
Creampies and Footplay with Landon Skye & Guy Racer (540P)
I saw how hot Guy Racer was with Dahlia with his big uncut dick, baby face and naughty smile, so I had to bring him in for myself! Landon Skye is new but he has the same kind of baby face and sexy body on him so it was time for me to get my threesome action on again! They both had nice feet so i really didnt even know where to start, and so I just decided to do it ALL. They wore me out!  I started off with Landon Skye since we went to pick him up and I was horny. This could have been a video all on it’s own. I pull off his sexy cowboy boots and suck on his toes some before moving up to his cock. We fuck some and he’s holding back because he knows Guy Racer is on his way. So then he toe fucks me some 🙂 It’s so hot i can’t resist giving my clit a lil rub. Landon’s oral skills are good too, had me squealing and gasping with his excellent tongue.

In comes, Guy Racer, you’ve seen his other video, he has no problems with threesomes or moresomes, he jumps right in with Landon and we have a first for me. I get double toe fucked while I suck on their other toes at the same time. Don’t ask me how i came up with that, i was just in a crazy horny zone, haha. We don’t stop with the double toes, of course there is Double Vaginal Penetration (DVP). Landon can’t take the tightness of two cocks rubbing inside my pussy. Plus my loud squeals and moans really turned him on, so he cums first while Guy is still inside me. Guy must love sloppy wet seconds, because he gets even harder and we fuck in several positions, he just laughs when I’m gasping for air while standing there with his rock hard uncut dick pointing at the ceiling. In the end, he blows his thick juicy load, and I am DESTROYED. It was so good, I had to give him a fist bump. lol Then I went to bed and Landon and Guy went to the club chick hunting. WOW…. Enjoy I know I did, even if I did need an ice pack afterwards! Thanks for supporting the site.

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