Rogue has some boytoy fun (with Brooks & Conway)

Rogue has some boytoy fun (with Brooks & Conway) 1080p FULL HD
Rogue has some boytoy fun (with Brooks & Conway) 540p

Sexy, Cowgirl, Rogue is back. This time she decides she wants to make a hot scene after doing a photoshoot with site regulars, Brooks and Conway. It starts with her being massaged and pampered by her two guys in jock straps. She femdom’s them and slaps them around for awhile but then it flips around while they hold her down and give her some good forced orgasms. At one point she realizes she isnt being held down and tells Conway that he is slacking and to get back to his job, haha. So I guess she was femdominating from the bottom as well as the top. The final punishment for them not giving her the facial that she’d requested is that she leaves them to do a side by side jerk off by themselves. Brooks, always one to get a nut when he can, rubs one out. Conway just fizzles out from horny frustration lol. The evil in me, enjoyed that 🙂 Enjoy this great hanging out/fucking scene! Thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki

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