Quickie creampie audition, Melvin Cobblestone

Melvin Cobblestone creampie audition (1080p)
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Blue collar stud, Melvin Cobblestone comes in for his audition today. Rose had been planning this one for awhile, but a slight delay because he had a work accident that left him with a damaged hand and some bruises. We didn’t want to miss out on his audition though because he had a great personality so as soon as he was sure he could perform he came on in! And his dick had no problems haha. Rose had to help him remove his belt since his one hand was still bandaged up, but once he got naked he was able to take complete control. Starting with eating her out until she got off, then having her ride him for awhile, before he takes control and fills her up doggy style! His cock never went soft once he got started. Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site <3 Jacki
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