Arthvr and Moose UNLEASHED (Jacki Love forced bi) 1080P

Arthvr and Moose UNLEASHED (Jacki Love forced bi) 1080p
Arthvr and Moose UNLEASHED (Jacki Love forced bi) 540p

Well, you guys know what i like by now. Love to take straight guys and force bi them some for my entertainment. It really makes my threesomes scenes HOTTER. We have old school Arthvr and new guy, tatted beefy, and canadian! Moose!. I have to give credit to Rose for discovering Moose, his schedule didnt work out for shooting with her but it worked out perfectly for me! We start off with me getting rimmed, and then i give the boys some double-barrel blowjob action before getting move to join me in sucking on Arthvr’s rock hard cock. Pretty fucking hot, even watching it back, I’ve had to take a couple of breaks while writing this summary! I got some pretty intense DV, those cocks are fat! Arthvr cum inside me during the DV, and I squirt and guess who licked it all up. Moose, the stud!!!!! I didn’t even realize how hot that part was until Arthvr started squealing from the forced cock sucking after he came (I was sitting on him so he couldnt move while Moose sucked the last cumdrops out of his cockhead. You would think the scene would end there, I make Moose take my fattest strapon, he tries to take it all but it gets too intense, you can see I did some nice damage when I pull out. But I didn’t stop there, he didn’t run so I got a smaller strapon and then fucked his tight hole and jerked his cock until he came so hard, he almost gave the cam guy a facial! Enjoy, one of my favorite scenes in awhile! Thanks for supporting the site and all my kinky perversions!!!! <3 Jacki




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