Jacki Love takes an oral cumload (1080P)

Jacki Love takes an oral cumload (1080P)
Jacki Love takes an oral cumload (540P)
Yep you read that right!!! I got a load of cum in my mouth. :O But lets start from the beginning 🙂 Arthvr traveled with us to help audition new guy, Paul Ryan, of course I put Paul right on pussy eating duty while I got Arthvr in my favorite post for him. Legs up with me fingering and licking his hairy manhole while I looking at his hot rock hard dick. Arthvr goes along with it for awhile but then remembers that I’d promised him that he could work on me some this time around as a reward for going bi for me last time. He lubes up my pussy and my asshole, he even sneaks a finger in there too while I’m distracted sucking on Paul’s cock. After all that foreplay both cocks were hard so of course, i wanted some double vag play, it was a new experience for Paul but he hopped right into it, and it was yummy. At one point, Arthvr pulls out and is in my ass again with his finger, and then goes back in to give me some more DV. After DV fucking in a fwe positions, then Arthvr fucks me and pulls out then to my surprise comes towards my face with his cock, and shoves it in my mouth while he cums. Cam guy and I are both a little surprised, but cam guy reminds me not to gulp it all down so you guys get to see it. Haha. Then Arthvr heads out, and I take some time fucking Paul, until he cums on and in my pussy. He is a good find too, will be inviting him back for more!Thanks for supporting the site, <3 Jacki
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