Whor-ro and John Double Vag fuck Dahlia

Whor-ro and John Double Vag fuck Dahlia (1080p)
Whor-ro and John Double Vag fuck Dahlia (540p)

Dahlia loves to make men dressup in sexy undies for her. Today she has them dress up in some tight little somethings we found online very cute. But before we get there, college jock John, comes in to pregame and creampie her before the group scene. Ok the group scene starts off with John, and our new masked man Whore-ro who is our masked sex slave straight obedient and blonde. Dahlia gives them both head to get them ready, and then they take turns on her before going in for the Double Vag penetration feature. It doesn’t take long for John to drop his second load of the clip when he’s rubbing cocks with Whor-ro deep inside of Dahlia’s pussy. Whor-ro is being subjected to some lowkey orgasm denial and when Dahlia has him penned down and riding him with a pussy pull of John’s cream. Whor-ro whispers if you want me to obey you, stop I’m about to cum. Which she promptly does and rolls over. Enjoy! I did. I think both these guys have potential for more good scenes. Whor-ro likes to be femdom’d so he really needs my Jacki Love treatment one day haha. Thanks for supporting the site. <3 Jacki
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