Steve gets pegged (1080P) Full HD

Steve gets pegged (1080P)
Steve gets pegged (540P)

Sexy daddy, Steve with a goatee came in for some fun with Rose Blume. He starts eating her out with his manhole high in the air. Probably some foreshadowing there… Haha. After the oral he fucks her missionary for awhile. I can tell he is a pleaser, he’s on my to do list too. Wow,my to do list is getting so long. :)Next Steve, does some great clit grinding missionary with his hot ass pumping up and down. Love that construction worker body on him. Then Rose rolls him over puts her Triple D breasts in his face and rides him some while he sucks her tits. Just when you think it couldn’t get better, she gets out the vibrator, and he picks it up and she goes. “oh it’s not for me” and then gets him to throw his legs up in the air and she pegs him and strokes his cock for awhile, finally he can’t take anymore and he grabs his cock and strokes out a huge load.Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site. LOVE watching porn all day 🙂 <3 Jacki

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