Danielle Reid gets a holiday double creampie

Danielle Reid gets a holiday double creampie (1080p)
Danielle Reid gets a holiday double creampie (540p)

Today Danielle Reid is back in her sexy holiday themed outfit for our special creampie scene of the week, we got sexy hairy chested ex-military daddy, Kevin K. and then our other sexy hairy stud, Mark Pleasure comes in a little late from his new job to join right in and make it a threesome.

Kevin and Danielle do some romantic kissing while he warms her pussy up with a nice finger work.   Then she says “we are going to do 69, so she can suck him and let him work on her hairy wet pink pussy.  Then they start fucking missionary with his sexy ass going up and down.  Then there is a knock at the door and in comes Mark Pleasure.

While Kevin, goes back down on Danielle, Mark strokes his cock and watches for a bit before joining.   Kevin keeps trying to sneak some butt play in when Danielle isn’t looking and is distracted by sucking on Mark while he eats her out.    Then we get a new one, some fingerfuck licking, as Kevin fingers her pussy while Mark licks it.  Stepping it up another level, Kevin goes in for his very first time fucking while someone else was licking, you can tell he was a bit nervous with another man’s tongue so close to his cock even though there was wet pussy joining them.   Pretty sexy watching that fucklicking though, since I know how good it feels!

It’s too much for Kevin though so we finish off with him in his favorite missionary position and he fills her up with a nice thick load, and with no hesitation, Mark goes right in for sloppy seconds and deposits his hot thick white load as well!

Enjoy and happy holidays!   Thanks for supporting the site.
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