Miles Martinez and John give Dahlia 3 creampies and a facial.

Three creampies and a Facial from Miles Martinez and John Malkadik for Dahlia (1080p)
Three creampies and a Facial from Miles Martinez and John Malkadik for Dahlia (540p)
At over an hour long is this one of those scenes, that you have to pace yourself, full of lots of hot fucking, licking, Double Vaginal Pentration, and THREE CREAMPIES, PLUS A FACIAL!

Starting off we have Miles Martinez coming in for his audition, he’s a charmer and has stamina so, Dahlia really enjoys passing the time with him while we are waiting for John. He gives us some great POV pussy eating. And some nice deep dickin, until Dahlia calls for a quick smoke break.

John enters already naked and kissing Dahlia, and then she makes him go down on her too. Miles comes back, cigarette in hand(fan fetish request!), and face fucks Dahlia while he smokes. Then the first DVP starts! Dahlia squeals as they really give her a good double pounding. Then John cums with the first creampie of the night. Miles has no problem with the wet cumming lube ‘churching butter as he fucks. Back for round two, John joins back in for some more DVP while Miles, gets intense and fucks until, knocks John’s cock out of the way and he shoots his load inside of Dahlia.
I get an accidental shoutout as John goes in for a 2nd cumshot while Dahlia watches herself get fucked in the mirror. You would think, wow good scene, lots of hot fucking…
But no, Dahlia says, she could go for even more dick, and both guys surprisingly say, they will be happy to keep going, and they do! For another 30 minutes, where John blows a load on Dahlia’s face and Miles fucks deep but then has to bounce to go to work. Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site. Love ya, Jacki

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