Pornstar, James Hamilton gets rough and creampies Dahlia Deviant

James Hamilton gets dirty with Dahlia (1080p)
James Hamilton gets dirty with Dahlia (540p)

Wow, one of the proam gay4pay porn legends of the 2000s, James Hamilton joins Dahlia today for a HOT HOT HOT scene.   One on ones are not often this steamy.  I guess it helps that she is a long time fan of his work, because they go right into it.   Before the camera started rolling I hear she told him to try and make her tap out.   Spoiler alert, she does NOT!  I trained her well 🙂   There is some rough 4 finger hand fucking, rough oral, male on female rimming.  Soo many different positions, including a return of the Amazon position.   Lots of James using his huge hard fuckstick as a club and slapping her around with it    A really nice level of aggression that Dahlia really got off on, you can hear her wet pussy whenever he rubs it.   Sometimes when he gives her a good pussy slap, instead of squealing she laughs from the sheer amount of fun she’s having.

But really the winner is Dahlia, whenever she takes a power position, James is begging her to stop and pushing her off, because she’s about to make him cum, this happens SEVERAL times.   Dahlia had all the control over his orgasm.   He talks about cumming on her face and she says no, and forces him to fuck an creampie her pussy deep.    It was a new kinda scene for James, but you can tell he enjoyed himself.   Dahlia might have enjoyed it even more though, because she was still horny, and you’ll have to make sure to check out our third update of this weekend who she brought in to give her even more right after this, in tomorrow’s update!   Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site.   Loveya, Jacki
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