Michael Zephyr creampies Dahlia and gets kinky

Michael Zephyr creampies Dahlia and gets kinky (1080p)
Michael Zephyr creampies Dahlia and gets kinky (540p)
Wow this is like one of the old classic scenes. Sexy hairy chested, DILF Michael Zephyr, came in ready to impress us! He starts out ordering Dahlia to smoke a cigarette while she sucks his dick

Afterwards, she has him on all fours rimming him, Dahlia declares that she needs a to ‘get a toy’. The cam guy helps spread Michael’s ass while Dahlia lubes it up, but Dahlia doesn’t get much farther than popping his ass cherry with the dildo before he taps out.

A quick smoke break later, Dahlia gives his feet and sexy toes a lick before sitting on his face and getting a good tongue fucking. He flips her over on her back, rims and licks her, with his nice manhole up in the air and his dick getting harder the more she moans and screams.

Dahlia then orders him to fuck her making sure he knew he was following her orders. FUN! Then while she’s getting fuck, she’s moaning and screaming, because, Mr. Zephyr is a grower and he’s bottoming out on her and she is surprised but loves it! They switch to missionary, Dahlia’s begging for his cum, then she ends up on top, riding him good and still begging for cum, but he makes her work for it. In the end, he flips her over pronebone style and fills her with a hot creamy load. I even gett a shoutout! I see you doing those kinky things, Dahlia, nice job! It doesn’t end there, piss cam is back as he showers and then goes on to piss more than once for Dahlia’s voyeuristic enjoyment.

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