James Hamilton and Buck Nekkid DVP Dahlia Deviant

Buck Nekkid and James Hamilton DVP fuck Dahlia Deviant (1080p)
Buck Nekkid and James Hamilton DVP fuck Dahlia Deviant (540p)

Dahlia saw the DVP duo, with BJ Glaze and she said she had to give them a try. Of course, Dahlia is not one to be out done. She got them up on all fours, and enthusiastically licked both of their assholes, James Hamilton loved it, Buck Nekkid, had to be told to stay still and take his asshole tongue fucking like a good boy. Dahlia just giggled as he pulled away and pulled him back towards her to tongue fuck his virgin manhole even deeper.

Next James squats over Dahlia’s face so she can lick his asshole even more and deeper, his rock hard cock showing just how much he’s enjoying it. Buck is going down on Dahlia’s pussy just how she likes it at the same time as she’s working James.

Dahlia sends James down to join Buck, for some dualingus. She even slips in some POV shots of it, and their long tongues roaming all around her pussy.

Then we get to the fucking and there is some kink for everyone in this one. There is fucklicking with each guy taking a turn, and then some hot hot Double Vag, where uncut Buck goes in bareback and James goes in with a condom. They both fuck her DV until they both cum while fucking! While the cum from Buck is running out of Dahlia’s pussy. James takes off the cum filled condom an pours that big load into Dahlia’s mouth. mmm SO HOT. And it’s not over there. Buck goes in for tasting his own sloppy seconds for awhile, before taking his time and pounding Dahlia, until he shoots another load deep inside her!

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