DVP fun with Joe Jax and Dozer (Partial Fail)

DVP fun with Joe Jax and Dozer (Partial Fail) 1080p
DVP fun with Joe Jax and Dozer (Partial Fail) 540p
This is me, being lazy and spoiled, just having penis delivered to my room. A nice threesome scene with some hot beef and some nice manhole action. Started off pretty good but once we get ready for the DV, i’m pretty sure Dozer blew his wad from exciting! No shame in that but he didn’t us know, blaming that big dripping load on precum. Awe! We still got a good bit of Double vag in and sonme fun, but the guys were pretty much worn out. Kind of like what I did to Phil Jazz aka Joe Jax’s ass in another scene, and he liked it! So anyway, the guys were hot and I was ready for more of a super trip to poundtown and I didn’t quite get it haha. They kinda tapped out on me, as you can see I was a little disappointed, keeping it real though! True reality porn. With the sexy boys cocks tapping out before I’m done and all! So even though I enjoyed watching it back, I guess I will call this one a “Partial Fail”.

Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site, Loveya, Jacki

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