Ash Griggs creampies Cupcake

Ash Griggs creamapies Cupcake (1080p) Ash Griggs creamapies Cupcake (540p)

Sexy blue eyed, beefy stud, Ash Griggs is back, and after Cupcake figures out what name he was saying she lays back to enjoy his hot tongue work.   He really works her clit after he makes it nice and hard with his tongue.   He then moves up to get a taste of her chocolate nipples moving back and forth before sliding off his underwear to show his rock hard thick cock.   He slaps his cock on her clit a couple times before sliding it into her tight pussy.   Cupcake moans even more as he goes all the way in, it isn’t long before she creaming all over his cock almost looked like he was the one cumming but nope it was all her.    It didn’t stop there, as he worked her up enough to make her squirt not once, but twice.    Think it is the first time she’s squirted multiple times in a video.  So sexy watching his beefy ass pound up and down as he fucks her tight pussy.

After pounding it out missionary, he gets her to do reverse cowgirl and he is amazed as she takes control of the stroke and really grinds down on him taking him to the hilt.  He then flips her over doggy style and pounds his load deep in her, as she growls sexily.   He is a big cummer as it drips out while his balls keep emptying.  Leaving Cupcake, worn out and a bit giggly.  Cupcake waves bye to the camera with a booty shake and damn that was a hot scene!

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