Woody Johnson creampies Cupcake

Woody Johnson creampies Cupcake (1080p) Woody Johnson creampies Cupcake

Beefy hairy stud, Woody Johnson is back.   He’s been thinking about another go with Cupcake for months and finally he gets his chance.   They decide they want to start this scene differently, by being completely naked.   Woody lies on the bed with a boner, watching her get ready, smacking her on the ass when he gets the chance.  

First Cupcake goes down on his fat dick for awhile and then, he goes down on her rock hard clit, making her squeal, before he slides his fat cock inside her.   When he feels her pussy’s tight grip on him he knows that it is going to take everything not to blow.   He gets her in missionary first and she creams all over him.  Then once they switch to doggy, he can’t hold his massive week long load anymore.   He fills her up with a nice creampie that drips everywhere when it mixes with her wetness.  Yummy.

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