Jack Dean creampies Cupcake

Jack Dean creampies Cupcake 1080p Jack Dean creampies Cupcake

Cute, blue collar hippie comes in and he is EXCITED to audition, before the camera ever starts rolling he wants around talking with everyone, and he has a raging boner the whole time. After taking a shower he calms down a bit, but not for long, he and Cupcake start going at it, him licking and sucking her tits. Grinding on her pussy through her panties with his hard cock. Then he goes down on her licking, smacking and tongue fucking has she moans and pumps her hips grinding on his mouth. She even does her first female POV of him eating her pussy, she loves his pretty blue eyes looking up at her, as he even slips a tongue across her asshole before moving back up to the pussy.

When Cupcake goes down for a sloppy bj, he starts moaning and shaking and totally cums, but denies it HA. Not the first time we’ve seen that one on set. Then once they get to fucking, he gets riled up fast again and pulls out trying to hold the tip to hold the next orgasm off, but we here know from experience that doesn’t work, and the cam guy tells him to keep fucking. Doesnt take long before a nice thick load is running out of her pussy.

Mmm this guy definitely looks fun, I’ll have to add him to my list! Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site. Loveya, Jacki

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