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Jack Toms creampies Jacki Love (1080p) Jack Toms creampies Jacki Love (540p)

Sexy Jack Tom’s, he had a crush on me right away, he said, “you just tell me what to do and I’ll do it”.  I love an obedient cutie.   Of course, I start by sitting on his face, he’s very oral so takes his time warming up my pussy with his tongue. 

Then after getting my panties off and watching him take off his undies, he has a raging uncut boner already, but you know I got to make him eat it until I cum before I let him stick it inside 🙂  Cute feet and nice butt looks great from the POV of the cam guy as Jack, slurps and smacks to show his enjoyment of my wet vag.

After I squirt in his mouth, I guide his fat cock inside me as he lets out a moan, and he is a clit grinder.  Love that kinda missionary where the guy knows to grind his body down on the clit as he fucks.  MMMM, It is great watching the video back too seeing his ass humping away at me.   Oh and some good shots of my feet here for the fans of those!

When he blows his huge load, I can feel the warmth, it is thick and gooey and a great dripping creampie

Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site.  Loveya, Jacki

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