August 19, 2011

Hey everyone. Things have been a little crazy but, I have decided to take a break for a moment and catch everyone up on everything that is going on. Our travel plans were changed a little bit and we are shooting sooner than first planned. Guess the excitement is getting to me and my agent!  We are trying to make contact with everyone and change the times and places. This has been a crazy adventure already 🙂 I am getting more excited and nervous by the day. We have both been working very hard to put everything together. Without forgetting about every single detail..Looks like we have some VERY kinky fun stuff going on.   I will keep everyone posted on them as they happen. I’m excited about all my shoots but some select ones have me intensely excited. To say the least! Some of the things planned are even better than I could plan myself. Although working out the details with my agent has been that being said..I am over planning and I want it NOW! I have been looking at some very good looking men and their naked bodies and I think it might drive me crazy. I am looking forward to having some VERY intimate moments with each and everyone of them!  That is all for now. Jacki <3