I’m on my way… First week of sexploits starting tomorrow!

Hello everyone,
It is 2:55 in the morning. I am leaving for my shoots in the morning at 8:25 AM. I am waaaay too excited to sleep. There are BIG..HUGE..Plans in store! And we are seriously hoping for a HUGE co-star appeance to be posted to the blog soon! and I’m talking HUGE in stature and inches! We are also planning a lot of first for me. Turns out we will be doing my first anal sometime this week..Something for the veiwers to look forward to! Also I’m nervous about my bus trip. From 8:25am until 6pm. Everyone wish me luck!! Can’t wait to see my agent tonight and make the final confirmations on everything.. I will keep everyone updated thoughout the week. Also I want everyone to know that the videos that are being sold will NOT be on my blog but, we are working on some very special
things so you all. Good night everyone. See you in the movies 🙂