D.P with Thomas Orien and Dylan Now

I had the best time today. I got to meet some of my more published co-stars. It was so hot. First I got to watch the guys do solo scenes masturbating! That is SO hott!! So before the scene started I was already ready. And dripping wet. I was showing them some under the skirt pussy to help with their solo scenes. So after we played around for awhile. Tom lubed up his dick and put it in my ass doggy style. I couldn’t take it. So he played with my ass for a minute moved positions and got his dick in me. Then Dylan laid me backwards against Tom’s chest and both cocks where in me at the same time. I had a dick in both holes..Can’t explain the feeling except WOW. We also caught some really good POV of Dylan watching me give him a blow job! This boy is a major sucker for some head!  Then Tom stopped when I started screaming and he came inside my pussy. Then when it was Dylan’s turn he accidently hit his pelvic bone above his cock on my pelvic bone  beside my pussy. I was having a hard time staying in my game face..The guys had me laughing so hard. Until Dylan accidentally caught my pelvic bone and couldn’t continue so he owes me a cum shot. He was rolling around on the floor grabbing his junk for about 10 minutes LOL! That’s what he gets for picking on my boney ass LOL! Side note..I’m kidding Dylan I’m sorry I broke you LOL!


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