First group scene pics.

A few days ago I was talking about my first group scene… You can see that post here.

I am posting the pics. to that shoot in this post. I am very excited about them!! I had an awesome time!! So now you all know about ONE of my fetishes. I LOVE ass!! Check out the pics and you will see what I am talking about! There is a LOT more fun with these 3 in the making! Plans are on the way already. I wanted to tell the guys thank you for being so AWESOME and joining me in my first ever group sex ­čÖé You guys are a trip Lol! I am still laughing about some of the stuff we were cracking up about! ┬áThis shoot couldn’t have gone any better! It’s like THEY had done this before LOL! Gotta admit I was in a┬áVERY blissful heaven when this pic was taken.┬áThen my one on one with Black Mamba was pretty hot. And I got to return a favor!┬áCan everyone see that hand print??..That’s what you get!!.. Bite that ass LOL! But at least his ass wasn’t marked for three days after LOL That’s why I said…DAMN PINEAPPLE heh!



    • It’s all gone now..WAHH!! I was starting to get used to it too. HAHAH now I can say I walked around with a hand on m ass for a week!! LOL

    • Yes we are working hard on that, not everything we’ve shot is available to publish, plus we are only getting started as you can see. Stay tuned.

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