2 girls, 2 guys, go a little bi (with Jacki Love, Summer Honey, Moose, and Conway)

(Repost)2 girls, 2 guys, go a little bi (with Jacki Love, Summer Honey, Moose, and Conway) 1080P
(Repost)2 girls, 2 guys, go a little bi (with Jacki Love, Summer Honey, Moose, and Conway) 540P

A video that shows MY KINDA evening! I have back by popular demand. Moose, and Conway here to show me a good time! You know I love to give them that hot bi encouragement, it turns me on!

We start with me 69’ing with Conway, and then my cam guy gets Moose to join in, and apparently I’m selfish with the dick, because he says that I’m “supposed to share”. Haha, they set me off giggling more than once in this video. So much fun. Moose and I suck cock for awhile and Conway keeps working on my pussy. Then I layback and Moose and Conway get together for a hot duallingus session on my pussy. Seeing their tongues touch as they work back and forth on my pussy, from my POV is soooo hot and sexy. Then they do an inverse duallingus also HOT!

Next they have me moaning when they go in for a 4 finger double vaginal fuck, two fingers from each guy, at the same time! Some pussy slapping thrown in by Conway to get some extra squeals out of me!

Onto the fucklicking, Conway gets below Moose, and starts off by watching but soon he’s licking my clit as Moose fucks me doggystyle, finally I’m so turned on and i see how obedient they are being, that i order Moose to get doggy-style so Conway can fuck his ass. Then I get under and give them my own version of fucklicking as I lick Conway’s balls while he barebacks Moose’s ass. I even suck Moose some while Conway fucks him. Conway has no mercy on Moose’s ass, banging it all the way in balls deep. It even looks like he almost brought tears to Moose’s eyes at one point, but Moose keeps going, even fucking me a bit while he’s getting fucked in the ass.

Summer Honey comes in after seeing her friend Moose buttfucked deep and long. She wanted some of Conway’s 8 inch uncut cock. I play with her pussy while Moose plays with me, and Conway moans as she blows him, before taking his turn on her and eating her pussy getting her ready for fun. An extra hot note, Moose, gives Conway and handjob while Conway is eating Summer.

Then back to doggystyle for Conway, he flips Summer Honey over and bangs her just like she wanted, filling up the condom with a huge load, and then takes over as our naked camera guy. While Moose bangs me and I go down on Summer.

Finally, poor Moose is worn out from being the fuck toy of two women, that he has to tap out without cumming. You can tell that he had a great time though! Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site! <3 Jacki

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